Ranch XX Chicken Ranch 2024

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Hole In The Wall, 2538 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX

FREE w/RSVP on Eventbrite. Ranch XX Chicken Ranch 2024 Since 2004, Chicken Ranch has brought the awesome to SX week with it's free parties. Bands from four (4) continents on three (3) stages. Free event! Under 21, please attend w/parent or guardian. Vendors, dumb games, and other surprises. Music by: PEELANDER-Z (ATX) LAIR (INDONESIA) JM STEVENS (ATX) MR. LEWIS & THE FUNERAL 5 (ATX) LAVEDA (NYC) THE OXYS (ATX) MIRANDA & THE BEAT (NYC) ZADA (CANADA), BONES & JONES (OZ) ARCHES (HONG KONG) SUSAN O’NEILL (IRELAND) EL SOLISTAR (JAPAN) MIKE MEADOWS/JACK BARKSDALE VIGILANTES (UK) ZEUS/APOLLO (ATX) MUNICPAL BATS (ATX) TOM MARKEY (ATX) PARKER WOODLAND (ATX) SOULS EXTOLLED (ATX) PERENNIAL LONELY LAIKA (TX/AZ) WICKED CELTICS (ATX) CODY BOLDEN (FL) GLIB (ATX) SASQUATCH SLIM (TX) YOUR HOST: KEVIN CURTIN! That's a lot of fookin music! Please RSVP at Eventbrite and be entered to win door prizes.

Free w/RSVP on Eventbrite